If you are interested in working with Dr. Case as a graduate student collaborator, please apply to the Ross Management and Organizations Ph.D. program here.


Graduate Student Collaborators

Katherine K. Bae
University of Michigan, Ross School of Business

Her current research interests include positive organizational scholarship, exploring the psychological consequences of sex versus gender traits in leadership, examining social-emotional processes in leadership orientations (i.e., prestige and dominance) and behaviors (i.e., feedback seeking), and conducting qualitative research of organizational cultures.

Please email her at katkbae@umich.edu for a copy of her most recent CV.



Eric J. Mercadante
University of British Columbia, Psychology Department

His research interests concern how and why individuals navigate status hierarchies in order to achieve desirable positions within social groups. He is interested in the similarities and differences between power and status, their psychological antecedents and consequences, and the relevant behaviors and emotions that emerge as people engage in competitions for social rank. He is also interested in how group dynamics and individual differences affect these processes.

Please feel free to reach out to him at eric.mercadante@psych.ubc.ca.